Having my dress made by Claire was brilliant. I’d enquired at other boutiques but they wouldn’t have been as flexible with fittings and I had a tight schedule. I also loved being able to be involved in the process – choosing the fabric and lace, for example and Claire knew exactly what would suit me and took my own personality and tastes into consideration in creating the right dress for me.
As the gown came together, I was stunned by her precision and attention to detail – even the hand stitching of inner layers that would never be seen was perfectly even. Each fitting brought me closer and closer to seeing my dreams realised. I had heard horror stories from other brides whose dresses weren’t ready on schedule, but Claire was ahead of schedule and was always willing to give me an update. The completed gown was so well suited to me that I felt I was looking at “me in fabric”. I used to go into the wardrobe and just stare at it! You need to feel like a princess on your wedding day, and having a gown couture was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I felt so comfortable and glamorous in it.Our wedding was the most important day in our lives so far and it’s so pleasing that so many of the details of the day were in keeping with its significance – not least “The Dress!”